Are denied claims slowing your revenue?

Maximize Revenue with Advantum Health's Denial Management Services.

Denied claims can cause up to 90% of missed revenue opportunities. Effective denial management with the goal of denial prevention begins up front, along with a prompt response when denials do occur.


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Advantum Health Reduces Denials

Advantum Health’s denial management process begins on day one with an assessment of past and current charges, payments, denials and related data. This enables us to understand which areas need attention first and how to align Advantum’s team to ensure we properly monitor, avoid and resolve issues.

Preventing denials upfront involves careful review of all coding on each super bill, ensuring the capture of all codes to accurately represent each service you deliver. We look for coding mistakes that lead to denials and increase the hassles and costs of resubmission.

Denial processing

Quick review, correction, and resubmission of denied claims to prevent further delays

Denial analytics platform

We determine areas of improvement, along with unpaid or underpaid claims


We treat the most critical areas of your revenue cycle first

Proactive coding reviews

Our expert team prevents most denials upfront and ensures coding is complete and accurate

Benchmarked analysis

Our team compares your data with the MGMA-recommended benchmarks

No claim left untouched

Unlike other service providers, Advantum manages all claims, electronic and paper

Advantum Health Helps Speed Revenue and Minimize Costs

From denial prevention to detecting root causes, implementing best practices and prompt follow-up and resubmission of denied claims, Advantum Health’s certified team of professionals help minimize denials, maximize your cash flow and ensure you are promptly and accurately paid for each service you provide each patient.

Advantum’s Denial Management services are an integral part of our revenue cycle management services to help you survive and thrive in the ever-evolving world of healthcare delivery and reimbursement.

About Advantum Health:

Advantum Health provides comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) services through a robust, innovative technology suite. By integrating RCM services with healthcare consulting, Advantum Health helps hospitals and physicians increase their existing revenue stream, uncover new payment opportunities and elevate RCM performance.

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