Historical A/R Can Drain Your Staff

Advantum Health helps large practices and hospitals with their historical A/R. We know it’s frustrating for you and your staff to move forward with new A/R when you are staring at a backlog of A/R over 60 days old.

On average, we’ve helped our clients recover over 30% of their historical A/R which typically they would write-off as bad debt.

The good news is we work with you to customize your A/R clean-up project. Let us handle your old A/R so your staff can focus on new revenue.

Whether it’s a long-term project or you just need us to manage a certain number of accounts – you decide. Our team enjoys every challenge both large and small.

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Coding Audits

Often having an outsider look into your coding practices can not only save you money but keep you from future scrutiny.


Administrative tasks can take hours, days, weeks, and even years of you and your staff’s time. Let us help.


Advantum Health has a team of experts focused solely on submitting prior-authorizations for our customers.

Professional Services

Advantum Health offers a risk-free way for providers to focus on the health of their patients rather than administrative complexities.

RCM Services

Advantum Health is the only service organization that works on your revenue cycle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.