Advantum Health saves you time and money with our prior-authorization services

Prior-authorizations are one of the most common reasons for claim denials. There are many differences between payers on which services require authorization and the process itself. With prior-authorizations, practices must act timely while providing the level of detail necessary for approval.

Many practices are seeing an increase in the number of prior-authorizations they submit in a week. The increase in volume means any delay in submitting the information or any incomplete information can result in a loss of revenue.

How We Help

Advantum Health works with independent practices, hospitals and health systems to collect and submit all the information necessary for prior-authorizations. Our services have helped:

  • Avoid the time-consuming tasks of submitting information through unique websites
  • Allow staff to focus on patients instead of spending hours on the phone with payers
  • Reduce denials due to incomplete prior-authorization submissions
  • Minimize the number of “free services” provided by receiving timely approvals
  • Analyze the status of authorizations to implement best practices

Learn more about Advantum's Prior-Authorization Services

Learn more about Advantum's
Prior-Authorization Services

The Advantum Advantage

Advantum Health has a team of experts focused solely on submitting prior-authorizations for our customers. Our team works closely with our customers to establish a process that fits within their operations based on their needs.

Even more – our experts and customers have access to our robust analytics and dashboards that monitor the status of each prior-authorization. Our Prior-Authorization technology allows our customers to view where they have issues with certain payers or even certain physicians within their practice.

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