Healthcare Authorization Academy

Apply Today for Advantum’s Healthcare Authorization Academy 

The Authorization Academy will be conducted at Advantum’s Hyderabad office, featuring 30 days of full-time in-person instruction and a 2 week apprenticeship starting on April 1, 2024. Additional training opportunities will be offered in 2024 and 2025. 

Participants in the Academy will be instructed in a robust curriculum, including:

  • Introduction to US Healthcare
  • Insurance Plan Basics
  • Introduction to Prior Authorizations
  • Overview of Medical Terminology & Procedures
  • Medical Billing & Coding 
  • Clinical Documentation

A stipend will be paid to enrolled students during their term in the Authorizations Academy. A working apprenticeship with on-the-job training will also be included as part of the training program. Through certification, the skills acquired will be beneficial for career opportunities both within Advantum Health and at other healthcare service providers that operate in India.

Applicants to the Authorization Academy should meet basic requirements and possess foundational skills such as:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • English-speaking proficiency
  • Prior work experience in the healthcare sector
  • Availability for shifts aligning with U.S. business hours in the Hyderabad office 


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