A new brand and website accompany the release of Advantum Ai for Advantum clients seeking technology-driven revenue cycle management optimization

Louisville, K.Y. – January 12, 2023Advantum Health, an industry-leading practice revenue management authority, announced the official release of Advantum Ai​​, an innovative and proprietary platform that serves as the technology backbone for the company’s experienced RCM team.

The Advantm Ai application is composed of integrated modules addressing Workflow, Charge Entry, Denial Analytics, Prior Authorizations, Quality Assurance, Audits and Reporting. Deployment is customized to meet the unique needs of each Advantum client. Permission-based users access real-time status updates, dashboards, reports, industry benchmarking, predictive analytics and education all within the web-based Advantum Ai portal.

Tammy Taylor, CEO of Advantum Health, discussed the evolution of Advantum Ai, saying, “Advantum Ai was created as an internal tool with our front-line staff and development team working hand-in-hand. Over time, the platform has evolved into an integrated suite of powerful applications that streamline workflow, improve accuracy and efficiency, and deliver actionable insight and real-time updates to our clients. We are pleased to officially share Advantum Ai with the world through a new brand and web presence.”

Advantum Ai leverages automation and machine learning to amplify the quality of Advantum’s client services, improving payment velocity and turnaround time, boosting KPIs and risk scores, and maintaining transparent communication and seamless workflow.

Jamie Reid, Senior Vice-President of IT Infrastructure and Security at Advantum Health, explained the relationship of Advantum Ai to a client’s existing technology platforms, stating, “Advantum Ai functions as an integrated overlay with functional modules orbiting the workflow core, delivering two-way communication and ensuring that the system of record stays current and accurate. Essentially, the existing practice management platform acts as the source of truth, with Advantum Ai functioning as a component of the ecosystem with only light direct intervention by the provider’s team. Our development team has worked tirelessly to build a platform that is user-friendly. In fact, we are finding that Advantum Ai is so efficient and intuitive for new users that minimal training is required.”

Powered by Advantum Ai, the Advantum Health team allows valuable healthcare clinical, financial and operational staff to focus on their real jobs—leaving the tasks associated with RCM to the pros.

To learn more about Advantum Ai and Advantum Health, visit www.advantumhealth.com/technology.

About Advantum Health

Advantum Health, powered by the Advantum Ai platform, is an industry-leading practice revenue management authority, delivering comprehensive solutions for revenue cycle optimization, including billing, coding, focused follow-up, credentialing, authorizations, eligibility and auditing. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Advantum’s global team of experts is over 600 strong, and the company is powering rapid growth fueled both organically and through acquisitions. Learn more at www.advantumhealth.com.