Optimize with Advantum’s end-to-end, tech-supported RCM services

Advantum provides end-to-end, tech-supported revenue cycle management services. Our RCM experts works on your behalf 24/7 to process claims rapidly and accurately, decrease denial incidents, deliver actionable communication, produce on-point reporting, ease labor and IT costs and identify revenue opportunities—all with maximum transparency.

Our cost saving services not only improve your bottom line and cash flow, they add scalability with improved control of your billing workflow. Not to be confused with a SaaS company (Software as a Service)—Advantum Health is a people driven organization backed by a large team of medical billing and coding experts and certified medical coders. We leverage technology in support of our services to deliver the most streamlined, accurate and effective results. 

Comprehensive Coding

Expert medical coders maximize your payments

Denial Management &

Proactive denial prevention strategies

Focused Follow-up

Reduction in AR days to boost revenue cycle health

Quality-Controlled Billing

Services that help you collect more, faster

Automated Payor Enrollment/

Expedited reimbursement

Accurate Eligibility

Helping providers submit
clean claims

Seamless Authorization

Fast track to the authorizations
you need

CMS-Compliant Auditing

Unbiased risk management