We get it: the provider enrollment process is no fun! Paperwork is overwhelming, often challenging, incredibly time-consuming, and costly. The difficulty and tedium of the entire process lends itself to mistakes and unpaid services. But the reality is that your practice won’t get paid without accurate, error-free, and expertly filed enrollment. Is there a way to make the process easier, to ensure your application is completed correctly and accepted without any significant obstacles? Yes – and that’s where Advantum Health can help. 

We can remove this tedious task from your list of responsibilities. Advantum Health has spent years honing the craft of provider enrollment, and it is now one of the primary services that we offer. We have processes, databases, systems, and conscientious, highly experienced people that will keep you updated and current with all of your payers. Advantum Health is proud to take complete ownership of the enrollment process while you run your practice. Have peace of mind knowing you will get paid on time in every instance.

First, let’s talk about Advantum Health provider enrollment team qualifications. Our trusted enrollment teams must have a minimum of five years of experience with the provider enrollment process. We are well-versed in securing all necessary documentation. We have proven experience with licensure and certification confirmation, TIN confirmation use by Medicare/Medicaid, and insurance verification. And perhaps most importantly, we meticulously check and recheck that data is accurate and consistent across all paperwork, so payers easily accept your applications. 

And, for extra peace of mind, since there is a continuing need for updates, we maintain your information on CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) and inform you when additional submissions are required. We do so promptly that it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re scrambling to keep up and missing reimbursement payments while you wait for the new provider enrollment paperwork to be approved. At Advantum Health, we value our clients, recognizing the importance of up-to-date paperwork for accurate and timely payment.   

Finally, Advantum Health offers several revenue cycle management solutions, from prior authorizations to medical credentialing. Since enrollments are a particularly time-consuming and costly process, it’s no wonder why almost all of our clients, regardless of what other Advantum Health services they use, engage us to handle the complex provider enrollment process. Our clients know they can count on us to get it done correctly, so they get paid quickly and receive the reimbursements they deserve. You can trust Advantum Health to be your provider enrollment solution too.