“From day one, Advantum’s Provider Enrollment Services team was amazing. Whatever we threw at them, they took it and ran with it.” – Director of RCM, CTVSA


Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgical Associates, P.A. (CTVSA) provides patients with comprehensive cardiac, thoracic, and vascular care in 33 locations across Florida and Alabama. For the past few years, CTVSA experienced tremendous growth, and the organization shows no signs of slowing down–it plans to add two more practices in early 2023. 


CTVSA experienced the tragic, unexpected passing of their Provider Enrollment Specialist. Due to this sudden tragedy, CTVSA needed to fill the Provider Enrollment position immediately. The role transitioned to the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) department, where the Director of RCM assumed responsibility.

With CTVSA’s continued growth and acquisition of more practices, the Director of RCM required more staff to continue enrolling providers on time.

After much research, CTVSA decided to outsource their Provider Enrollment to a dedicated team to help support their rapid growth. When CTVSA reached out to Advantum Health, their management team invited CTVSA to meet at one of their corporate offices.  

CTVSA spent most of the day with the Advantum Health team, and CTVSA walked away feeling relieved that they found a provider enrollment company with the necessary expertise. Later, Advantum Health traveled to CTVSA’s corporate office to answer CTVSA’s follow-up questions and concerns. 

“During the selection process, Advantum Health was the only vendor that traveled to our site and met with us in person.” – Director of RCM, CTVSA



CTVSA wanted a scalable staffing model. When the Director of RCM took over Provider Enrollment, CTVSA’s growth greatly expanded the scope of this responsibility. She needed help to meet the critical provider enrollment deadlines. CTVSA’s new providers can only deliver patient care and generate revenue with proper enrollment and credentialing.



CTVSA outsourced provider enrollment and credentialing to support ongoing growth. 

In February 2020, CTVSA migrated the management of provider enrollment and credentialing to Advantum Health. 

Advantum Health showed its commitment and helped CTVSA meet its provider enrollment and credentialing goals from day one.

Advantum Health’s Provider Enrollment Services (PES) team partnered with CTVSA to quickly take over the daily management of enrolling and credentialing all of their physicians.



Enables CTVSA to scale growth quickly

  • Fully migrated provider enrollment in six months
  • Advantum Health swiftly adjusts staff to meet CTVSA’s needs

Consistently meets provider enrollment and credentialing goals

  • Enrolls new physicians promptly
  • Completes ongoing credentialing and ensures no service disruptions

Provides more capacity for the Director of RCM

  • Able to focus on strategic revenue cycle projects
  • Developed service-level agreements to ensure accountability

Supports many of CTVSA’s revenue cycle needs

When CTVSA asked for help with payment posting and insurance verification, Advantum Health jumped in to help.