Provider Enrollment Services (PES), also known as Payer Enrollment, are a specific set of services offered that include contract negotiations, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment and more. Provider Enrollment Service also includes cost effective solutions regarding arrangements for medical providers and adding them to insurance plans and networks so that the provider can accept payment for services offered to patients.

When hospitals have to enroll patients, it can be challenging for them to get all of the documentation from the patient and insurance companies. A Provider Enrollment Service service acts as a go between all three (hospital, patient, and insurance) to reduce costs and care denials. It also helps manage credential documentation for employees and the facility.

What does all of this mean? Instead of having to hire, train, and maintain a team to manage Medicare and insurance claims, you can enroll with a 3rd Party Provider Enrollment Service and have experts make your life easier so you can continue to focus on servicing your patients, rather than having a significant portion of your resources focused instead on how to keep in compliance or deal with the sometimes overwhelming amount of paperwork with Medicare and other insurance companies.

This is especially important at a time when not maintaining Medicare/Medicaid or insurance compliance could mean having to tell long-time patients to seek another doctor who takes their plan/insurance. The last thing you’d want to do is turn away a patient for that reason!

Advantum Health’s Provider Enrollment Service streamlines patient documentation to get them affordable healthcare quickly. And we have a team that covers different aspects of enrollment for health services that covers both mid-size and large facilities.

Why should Advantum Health handle my Provider Enrollment Services?

Advantum Health helps medical professionals every day with projects like:

  • Recredentialing
  • Revalidations
  • New Enrollments

Dealing with insurance carriers can be downright challenging and stressful. We have years of experience working with many practices and hospitals across the US. Our accomplished team of enrollment specialists will make sure your facility and providers are compliant with their payers. We prioritize working closely with the provider to set up an efficient billing system that works for everyone. That’s why thousands of healthcare practices and organizations rely on us for managing their Provider Enrollment.

There is already enough paperwork to deal with during the day-to-day. Advantum Health’s Provider Enrollment Services specialists already know what is needed for each company and will help with collecting and submitting all the proper documents and forms. With our services, you can remove errors from the payer enrollment process. Less errors means less resubmissions which can save your practice time and money. Your employees will be less stressed and able to focus more on patient satisfaction.

Contact us to talk about your PES challenges and how we can help! Our friendly and convenient staff are available to help answer all of your questions!