In the bustling world of healthcare administration, where precision and persistence intertwine, Gloria Escorcia emerges as a beacon of expertise and dedication. As the Director of Regional Operations for Advantum Health, Gloria has not only navigated the complexities of the industry but has also elevated her career through a unique and unconventional path.

Gloria’s journey commenced in the role of a Medical Assistant, a position that acquainted her with the intricacies of healthcare providers. Always in pursuit of excellence, she found herself often chasing providers to complete various tasks. It was a fellow coworker who imparted a transformative piece of advice: delve into the revenue side of the industry, and the need to chase providers would be a thing of the past. Taking this counsel to heart, Gloria transitioned into the revenue cycle and, as fate would have it, found her true calling.

Unlike many in her field, Gloria’s educational background is a testament to the “school of hard knocks.” She didn’t attend college but instead acquired certifications that speak volumes about her dedication and proficiency. She is a certified coder by the AAPC, a licensed Radiology Tech in the State of Florida, and a certified Revenue Cycle Professional by The American Association of Healthcare Administration.

The thrill of the hunt is what keeps Gloria engaged in her role. As she aptly puts it, “I enjoy the hunt for revenue. I like putting numbers on the scoreboard.” Recognizing the pivotal role revenue plays in the growth of a medical business, Gloria brings a profound understanding of the significance of her department.

In addressing the challenges that the healthcare industry faces, Gloria points to the imminent reduction in payments, especially with the drastic reimbursement decisions made by Medicare in recent years. She anticipates more changes in the payment landscape for providers, emphasizing the need for adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

Gloria’s professional journey intersects with Advantum Health, where she finds not just a workplace but a supportive community. She praises the company culture, highlighting the inclusive environment fostered by Tammy, Advantum’s CEO. Regular chats where managers can freely discuss anything have become a valuable resource for Gloria, creating a space where she can seek advice and support from her peers. She expresses gratitude for being part of a community that challenges and pushes her—a tribe that shares knowledge and expertise.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Gloria unveils a fascinating aspect of her life—her passion for raising Monarch butterflies. What began as a small endeavor with a couple of Milkweeds has flourished into a profound connection with nature. Gloria’s journey led her to witness the great Monarch migration in Mexico City, an experience that transcended anything seen on television. Describing it as an “ocean of orange,” she reflects on the beauty and awe-inspiring spectacle of the butterfly clusters.

Gloria Escorcia’s story is one of resilience, passion, and continuous learning. From the corridors of healthcare administration to the vibrant world of Monarch butterflies, she exemplifies the power of embracing diverse interests and finding inspiration in unexpected places.