Katy Haring brings over 20 years of sales experience to Advantum Health and has become one of the top sales performers in the organization’s history. She is a skilled negotiator, communicator, and problem-solver, with a passion for building meaningful relationships with clients. Katy’s exceptional performance recently led to her promotion from Senior Account Executive to Director of Business Development at Advantum Health in March 2023. She enjoys shaping and executing strategic initiatives that propel the company forward and fostering relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

As the primary point of contact for partnerships, Katy is motivated by the success of her clients and guides them throughout the entire onboarding process, connecting their needs with Advantum’s services.

The culture of collaboration and teamwork at Advantum Health has provided a conducive environment for Katy to thrive and contribute to the company’s success in various ways. She enjoys working with her team and genuinely cares about their success. Achieving her personal goals for 2023 was a significant accomplishment for Katy, and she is now focused on meeting the sales team’s goals for the year. The company fosters an environment where different teams and departments work together seamlessly, providing Katy with opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. 

Moreover, the emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement in the company culture has played a crucial role in driving Katy’s career advancement. This culture of innovation has allowed her to take calculated risks, implement new initiatives, and explore new markets, contributing to her professional development and growth as a business leader. Looking ahead, Katy is excited about the future growth and innovation of Advantum, particularly the new Advantum Ai and EVE tools for PES currently in development.

Advantum Health’s commitment to employee development has also been a key factor in Katy’s career elevation. This support has helped her enhance her skills, expand her knowledge, and stay updated with industry trends. Katy describes her family as her ‘why’ and strives to set a leadership example for her two daughters.

Additionally, Katy has a deep passion for music in all genres, with a special love for Prince. She enjoys spending time with her family and going on trips. Her family has been her biggest source of support and encouragement, and she credits them for her success. 

Advantum Health would like to express their gratitude to Katy for her hard work and dedication!