At Advantum Health, we take pride in the diverse and talented individuals who lead our teams to success. In our ongoing series, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible women in leadership within our organization. Today, we shine the spotlight on Lela Butler, our Director of Coding.

Lela Butler’s journey into the healthcare industry began in a seemingly modest role as a front desk clerk. Through determination and a passion for the field, Lela advanced her career, eventually becoming the Director of Coding at Advantum Health. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of seizing opportunities.

Lela’s academic journey took her to Davenport University, where she earned a degree in Business Administration. This solid educational foundation equipped her with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry. Her background in business administration has proven invaluable in her current role, where strategic thinking and problem-solving are paramount.

What Lela loves most about her position is the challenge of tackling complex problems and working with diverse clients. She finds great satisfaction in devising creative solutions that drive meaningful change and improve outcomes. Her role requires not just technical knowledge but also a keen ability to think outside the box.

Lela is acutely aware of the challenges facing the healthcare industry both in the near term and long term. She identifies the rapid evolution of AI as a significant immediate challenge, as it transforms various aspects of the industry. Looking further ahead, she expresses concern about the uncertainty surrounding future careers in healthcare and the broader implications of AI technology. Navigating these changes will require adaptability and forward-thinking leadership.

Advantum Health’s company culture has played a crucial role in Lela’s career development. She values the opportunities provided to cultivate relationships with offshore peers and counterparts, an experience that was new to her prior to joining Advantum Health. This global perspective has enriched her professional journey and broadened her understanding of the industry.

Outside of her professional life, Lela is a proud mother of two boys, aged 19 and 13. She cherishes time spent with her family, whether traveling together or engaging in friendly games of Spades and Poker. Recently, Lela has taken up crocheting as a hobby, adding another creative outlet to her repertoire. Additionally, she has developed a keen interest in wine tasting and has embarked on several trips to deepen her knowledge of the industry. Perhaps a future as a wine connoisseur awaits her.

Lela Butler exemplifies the dedication, innovation, and leadership that drive Advantum Health forward. Her journey from front desk clerk to Director of Coding is an inspiration to all. We are proud to have her as part of our team and look forward to her continued contributions to the field.

Stay tuned for more spotlight articles on the remarkable women leading the way at AdvantumHealth.