Mellanie Murphy is Advantum Health’s Manager of the Patient Support Department and has been in the revenue cycle management field for over 15 years. The start of her career path began in 2007 at a RCM company after the completion of her degree in Health Information Technology from Jefferson Community Technical College (JCTC). 

Mellanie has expertise in medical coding and billing, prior authorizations, and provider enrollment and is a member of the Project Management Team, which builds strong relationships, shares improvement opportunities and guides clients through difficult RCM situations.

One of the challenges Mellanie addresses regularly in her role involves issues with reimbursement to providers, resulting in more out-of-pocket expenses for services rendered. However, she recognizes this challenge as an opportunity to help patients find a resolution to their billing inquiries, one of her favorite parts of her role at Advantum.

Mellanie attributes much of her growth at Advantum to the organization’s Women in Leadership mentorship program which involves exposing participants to various leadership opportunities within the company and group sessions where topics of leadership, inclusion and development are shared.

In her leisure time, Mellanie is very active in her community as she enjoys educating families on conducting genealogy assessments and finding unique ways to assist children with their educational and social success. She is the mother of four boys, a Sunday School teacher and currently working on a book entitled “The Adventures of Kerry and Dallas” in honor of two of her sons.

Advantum Health would like to thank Mellanie for her dedication to team members and clients, as well as her service in the Louisville community.