Rose Howard is Advantum Health’s Business Account Executive on the Business Development Team. Beginning her healthcare journey in hospice, she later transitioned to Revenue Cycle Management to have a broader impact on healthcare. 

“I saw RCM as an opportunity to ensure healthcare organizations function efficiently, helping patients receive quality care without undue financial burden,” said Howard.

Prior to Howard’s professional career, she attended Brescia University in Owensboro, KY where she was a college athlete and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Now residing in Las Vegas as an Advantum team member, Howard appreciates the opportunity to engage one-on-one with healthcare professionals, understanding their unique challenges, and presenting solutions that can truly make a difference.

“Seeing the positive impact our services have on healthcare practices not only gives me a sense of accomplishment but also reinforces my commitment to this role,” stated Howard.

Howard credits Advantum Health’s focus on innovation and adaptability which has consistently pushed her beyond her comfort zone, fostering personal growth and honing invaluable leadership skills. She also values the supportive and collaborative environment at Advantum which encourages her to push the limits and think creatively within her role.

Looking ahead, Howard identifies a shortage of skilled professionals as well as training and retaining qualified staff who can navigate complex billing processes and emerging technologies as key challenges that companies like Advantum must overcome.

“In the long term, healthcare data digitization, safeguarding patient information, complying with regulations like HIPAA, and balancing technology benefits with robust security persist as pressing concerns,” said Howard.

Personally, Howard feels her purpose revolves around caring for and amplifying people’s voices and identifies as a “natural problem solver.”

In her spare time, Howard enjoys the outdoors and spending time at the lake with her husband, son and two dogs.