Samantha Wagner is our Vice President, Project Management Office (PMO) here at Advantum Health. She started working in Healthcare when she was just 15 years old filing charts at a local physician’s practice. During her time there Samantha learned more and more about front desk duties, billing, etc. Her hard work paid off when she became the Assistant Manager of the Billing Office just a year later!

“I love learning so I continued to take on more responsibility at this office while also earning my CNA and working as a volunteer in administration at a hospital to gain professional experience.”

Samantha soon realized that her passion was medical billing and decided to pursue an education in that field. When Samantha started school she took on an associates degree in medical office management, but she also had her first child at the same time. Like a modern day superwoman, she excelled at both motherhood and being a student. As soon as she finished the associates program, Samatha started her bachelors in healthcare administration at Virginia College. Samantha’s family grew for a few years and she took a break from additional education until she went back for her Masters Degree in Health Administration in 2016 from Purdue University. She is currently working on her PHD in Healthcare Administration with a focus in Healthcare leadership!

“The Advantum Health culture has allowed me to grow as an individual and as a leader while sharing my experiences to [help] grow others in the same way. We have learned a great deal about executive presence, being a shark, but also about who we are and why. Advantum has a wonderful team of leaders who take time to grow individuals and work with them on their next steps. I am proud to be a part of that and share the same with other members of the Advantum Community.”

One of Samantha’s favorite aspects of her position is the opportunity to have an impact on the company as a whole and the individual team members. Part of her responsibility is to elevate and educate clients and team members. Teaching others is a great responsibility, whether it’s in the form of a training course, documenting policy & procedure, or by having a one on one discussion with a leader who needs guidance, it is a role she loves to take on daily!

Samantha is a married mother of 4 wonderful children. She met her husband in culinary school where she was taking a class for fun! Samantha also enjoys backwoods camping, interior design, and spending time with her family.

Advantum Health is very lucky to have Samantha on our team. We truly appreciate her intelligence, dedication, and drive in her profession. Thank you, Samantha!