In the intricate world of healthcare administration, ShaDaryl Beard shines as a Prior Authorizations Manager, leading a dynamic team through the complex landscape of medical billing and coding. With a diverse background and a keen eye for the evolving healthcare industry, ShaDaryl opens up about her journey, her views on the challenges facing the field, and how Advantum Health’s culture has impacted her career.

ShaDaryl’s journey into healthcare began at a small Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company, where she focused on ensuring that the Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) forms remained up-to-date for oxygen patients. Over time, she transitioned to handling prior authorizations for various DME products within the organization. Her quick grasp of the processes and her genuine enjoyment of the work paved the way for her career in the field.

ShaDaryl pursued her education at Spencerian College, initially majoring in Respiratory Therapy. However, life took its course, and she eventually shifted her focus to Medical Billing and Coding. This academic background provided her with the foundational knowledge and skills required for her current role.

One of the highlights of ShaDaryl’s job is the hands-on involvement with her team and the opportunities for collaborative problem-solving. The dynamic nature of the field ensures that every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth.

ShaDaryl identifies the quality of care as a key challenge for the healthcare industry. The evolving nature of healthcare, coupled with technological advancements, has created a desire to simplify processes and increase profits. However, she emphasizes the importance of ensuring that patients don’t feel underserved in the pursuit of financial gains.

Advantum Health’s company culture has played a pivotal role in ShaDaryl’s career development. She appreciates the feedback and guidance from senior management, highlighting an important lesson from an evaluation with Samantha – the notion that perfection leaves no room for improvement. This lesson has stuck with her throughout her journey, reinforcing the belief that continuous growth and refinement are integral to success in the healthcare industry.

Beyond her professional life, ShaDaryl shares a bit about herself. She’s an aspiring adventurer who desires to explore more, yet considers herself a homebody. As she contemplates new hobbies, she fondly recalls her skill in skating and aims to rekindle that talent. 

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare administration, ShaDaryl Beard’s story serves as an inspiration. Her journey from small-scale DME work to Prior Authorizations Manager is a testament to the opportunities within the industry, as well as the significance of adapting to change. Her commitment to quality care and continuous improvement is a message that resonates in an industry that is as challenging as it is rewarding.