Shruti is a rising star in the HR field, with a passion for managing teams and solving problems. After completing her graduation from NM College of Commerce & Economics in Mumbai, India, Shruti saw the importance of good team management and was motivated to pursue an MMS in HR at Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies.

With a background in teaching small kids, Shruti understands the importance of discipline and fun in learning and is applying this to her role as an HR professional. She is focused on creating a “new normal” in the working world and balancing new models all over the world in the long term.

Shruti credits her growth as a leader to the supportive culture at Advantum Health and the constructive feedback she receives from her team and manager. Her biggest critics, however, are her daughter and mother, who have helped her evolve as an assertive and empathetic leader.

“I like solving problems faced by people. My job helps to resolve such problems and help them contribute better to the organization.” – Shruti

As a HR Generalist, PoSH Consultant, Trainer, and Coach, Shruti is constantly learning and improving. She balances her work with her personal commitments, including trying new foods and spending time with her dog.

Shruti has a passion for people and a drive to improve. Her dedication to her work and her commitment to personal growth make her a valuable asset to any organization. Outside of work, Shruti loves to try new foods and spend quality time with her dog! Advantum Health thanks you for everything you do!