Tarah Vanhooser, Director of Provider Enrollment

Tarah started her career in healthcare in 2009. She worked in Patient Access doing patient registration at a local hospital. From there, she moved through all aspects of Revenue Cycle; Tarah worked on everything from pre-registration, pre-authorizations, insurance follow-up, cash posting, to billing. Additionally, she did training for all new employees in both Patient Access and the Business Office.

In 2016 Tarah obtained her CPC certification and worked as a physician coder. She experienced different fields like provider enrollment and managed care contracting and loved it all! She received her managed care certification from HFMA in 2018. Then in 2021 HCPro came out with a provider enrollment certification that she also obtained.

Tarah’s journey with Advantum Health starts in September 2019 with her taking on the role of Client Engagement Manager. She worked with clients for provider enrollment, credentialing, and customer service; additionally she implemented all new clients that came onboard for provider enrollment and credentialing. From there, Tarah moved over to assisting with the actual provider enrollment team, and was promoted to Assistant Director of Provider Enrollment. In April of 2022 she was promoted to Director of Provider Enrollment.  Tarah is currently responsible for the entire provider enrollment team, which maintains enrollments for over 9,000 providers, in over 30 states.

When asked what her favorite part about her position is, Tarah said: “I love working with the clients!  I love being able to get providers enrolled quickly and accurately, so that they get paid faster and there are no out-of-network costs to their patients.”

“I work with some amazing leaders!  Every day I learn something new.  They support me with encouraging words, daily advice, and even constructive criticism when needed.” – Tarah V

Tarah lives in her hometown of Evansville, IN. She has 2 dog children; Jax is a one year old Great Dane, and Charlie is a 6 year old mutt. Tarah loves to sing and craft in her free time!

Advantum Health would like to share a huge THANK YOU for all you do with Tarah!