What is a Customer Success Manager?

Here at Advantum Health, our primary goal is to make Client and Physician billing easier and more convenient.  We are always working on improving our services and systems, and we know the key to continuing improvement is communication.  Our latest innovation in improving the Revenue Cycle Management process is the introduction of the Customer Success Manager (CSM).  The recently created position of the Customer Success Manager was created to engage with our clients on everything we are doing for them as well as to anticipate any additional needs that they may have.


What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Customer Success Managers ensure the smooth and efficient operation of every client relationship that we have.  From the beginning, our teams are focused on improving financial results for our clients.  We use our technology, our systems, and our teams to improve the Accounts Receivable (AR) and minimize the days of outstanding receivables. 


What will a Customer Success Manager do for you?

Our CSMs aren’t tied down in daily details.  They work with our clients on the big picture, anticipating how we can improve our services and our results.  We also work with our clients to anticipate any potential problems and solve them before they become larger issues.  One of our CSMs described what they do as being a designated advocate for each of our clients, sharing inputs and insights with the Advantum team to improve overall performance.


Advantum Health’s Team Approach For Customer Satisfaction

We utilize account managers who supervise our billing operations and revenue cycle management processes including denial and coding issues.  Advantum Health made the decision to add the CSM role to improve our process.  Our Customer Success Managers are very knowledgeable about our systems and have experience with the everyday needs of the Practice Managers we work with.  From client, to Physician, and insurance provider, everyone benefits from Advantum Health’s time-saving approach to Revenue Cycle Management.

Advantum President Tammy Taylor affirmed, “You can never have too much communication.  Our clients appreciate it, and they are seeing the real payoff in better results and fewer problems.”

If you have any further questions about CSMs and the services we provide to our clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional and friendly staff are waiting to hear from you!